Donating your dress

It is a very special person who donates her dress to Oxfam while it is still fashionable. We all know how hard it is to part with such an important token of your wedding but it can either be left hanging in your wardrobe or it can be used to raise funds for our work amongst the poor and deprived in the world. The choice is yours!

If you are thinking of giving your dress to Oxfam, read what girls who have done it have to say. It is the ultimate in recycling and you can give it to us in the confidence that it will treasured and realise a substantial sum of money.

If you live near one of our Bridal Departments please phone the Department Manager and discuss how to transport the dress to them. Otherwise please post it to

Oxfam Fair Trading Co
Murdoch Road
Bicester, Oxon
For the attention of Barbara Walmsley

Please include your name and address so that we can write to you and thank you.

You can always phone us on 0845 3000 311 or email us to ask for advice or help.

What girls who have donated their dresses say

I know how difficult it is to find larger sizes to try on and so after my lovely day I thought about giving my dress to Oxfam. At first I couldn't bear the thought but after wondering where I would keep it and what would eventually happen to it, I decided to give it away. I had a lovely thank you letter and I am happy knowing that it has raised good money for their essential work

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